Putting Nancy's

Experience to Work

Nancy earned her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1987.  She has extensive experience serving adult clients  with Special Needs, a job she found very rewarding.  She also has experience in the Customer Service field, where the way you treat your customer is critical to the success of your company:  this is why she believes that promoting a County Board atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect is in the best interest of the County, just as it would be for any private sector company. 

Nancy grew up in St. Charles, Illinois.  Her parents  were young children during The Great Depression,   and their example is the reason she believes in Fiscal Conservatism.  Her fiscal view is balanced however, because she also understands the great importance of protecting public health and community safety.  Achieving this balance on the County Board  is crucial, and it will be  even more important now,  with the added health and financial challenges the Coronavirus has brought.

The other critical challenge of our times is Climate Change.  McHenry County is full of true Environmental Heroes who had the foresight and  commitment  to make our amazingly beautiful land and water a priority here in McHenry County.   This call, to listen and care for our earth, is of great importance for our generation, as well as for future generations.  This is why Nancy is a member of the Environmental Defenders.  

 In addition, Nancy is honored to have received the endorsement of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood's Farm Team PAC.

Nancy and her husband live in Sun City, Huntley.   They have a grown daughter, and an Australian Shepherd named Sunday.